The Bardo of Becoming

by Boring Bathtimes

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Recorded in the Winter of 2015 to the summer of 2016. a very different position to the one i find myself in today.

This album seeked to awaken my heritage with a narrative derived as a direct sequel to "Souls in a world of dense air". mainly built from an exchange with a deceased relative. Buddhist and Hindu Indo-Aryan mythology was a main theme around a lot of the songs due to the aforementioned exchange with the dead.

The album cover depicts a wintery english suburb - an image reminiscent of an inquisitive but pure and sacred childhood.



released August 3, 2017



all rights reserved


Boring Bathtimes Southampton, UK


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Track Name: Child of Buddha Nature
What's Become, of everything I've done?
The worlds not won, its just started another one
o child of buddha nature listen without distraction
As I roam in cyclic existence
hidden by deep seated habitual tendencies
The worlds not won
Track Name: The Bardo of Becoming
Child of Buddha nature, the north will emerge from within your brain and appear before you from the channel branch at the eastern gate of the skull
Offering to you a preoccupation with vague, habitual speculation
Your mental body a clairvoyant for the souls once seen gliding
A body that’s since scorched
O Child of Buddha nature, rouse from rest, from the bardo of becoming.
Track Name: A Low Tide for The Moon To Come and Sit Beside
What's become of everything I've done?
I'll let the summer fog envelop my body
As the sleeping town endorsed thee
With a shrine or a low tide
For the moon to come and sit beside
And sink into the ocean.
For my clouded mind is seen to reside
In the fulfilment of youth and the vista of truth.
Allow now as once before,
the sun to bow as the waves do roar
Track Name: Dunkelheit (Burzum Cover)
look em up squib
Track Name: The Channel Branch: At The Northern Gate
Watching the light change around me
I have a grasp of the night
the world runs but it'll never find me
or all that ive reached
Track Name: Natural Liberation
Track Name: The Channel Branch: At The Southern Gate
I'll Taint The Walls Lucy
I'll Taint The World You'll See
Track Name: Peace and Happiness
ala mi a viah
dahvi marahnia
ee oh sia eemay
oh mala ishtay

Because i stand before the gate, because i'd rather die than wait
I am naked of possessions i am tainted by predispositions
I am perfectly imperfect and causality is meaningless
Events unfold before events are told
Yet i live in this world
Because i stand before the before the gate, i’d rather die than wait